Best Heroes Lineup for Noceros in Lords Mobile (2024)


In the realm of Lords Mobile, mastering the art of hunting Noceros is crucial for securing victories and valuable rewards in monster hunting endeavors. Utilizing the best heroes lineup is key to overcoming this challenge. By optimizing your hero selection, you can strategically tackle Noceros and enhance your chances of success in these thrilling battles.

Understanding Noceros

Noceros, a formidable monster in Lords Mobile, boasts unique behaviors and characteristics that hunters should be well-versed in. Understanding the intricacies of Noceros is essential for devising effective strategies to conquer this mighty foe. Exploring the specific weaknesses and vulnerabilities of Noceros can provide a tactical advantage when engaging in combat.

Noceros Behavior and Characteristics

  • Noceros is known for its incredible strength and resilience, requiring skilled heroes to defeat.

  • This monster may possess special abilities or attack patterns that players should anticipate and counter effectively.

Weaknesses and Vulnerabilities to Exploit

  • Identifying and exploiting Noceros' weaknesses can significantly increase the chances of success in battles.

  • Certain heroes or abilities may be particularly effective against Noceros, offering opportunities to deal substantial damage.

Building the Best Heroes Lineup

Creating an optimal heroes lineup for hunting Noceros involves careful consideration of synergy and balance among selected heroes. By strategically choosing heroes with complementary skills and strengths, players can maximize their combat effectiveness and improve their chances of victory in Noceros encounters.

Importance of Synergy and Balance

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Selection Criteria for Heroes

  • Consider the unique abilities and attributes of each hero when building the lineup.

  • Prioritize heroes with skills that align with Noceros' weaknesses or vulnerabilities for optimized performance in battles.

  • Including support heroes for healing or buffing capabilities can enhance the team's survivability and effectiveness against Noceros.

Top Heroes for Noceros

Hero 1: Lore Weaver

Lore Weaver is a standout hero when hunting Noceros in Lords Mobile. Her skills and strengths make her a valuable asset in taking down this formidable monster. One of her key skills, "Curse of Darkness," inflicts massive damage over time, which is particularly effective against Noceros due to its high health pool. Moreover, her ability to reduce the enemy's healing effects further cripples Noceros' ability to sustain itself during the battle. Lore Weaver's crowd control skills also come in handy in controlling Noceros' movements and attacks.

Hero 2: Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer is another hero that complements the team exceptionally well for Noceros hunting. His powerful single-target damage output synergizes perfectly with the sustained damage needed to whittle down Noceros' health. Additionally, Demon Slayer's ability to ignore a percentage of the target's defense makes him especially effective against Noceros, a monster known for its high defense stats. His proficiency in delivering critical hits can swiftly diminish Noceros' health, contributing significantly to the team's success in the hunt.

Hero 3: Child of Light

Child of Light brings specific tactics and abilities that make her a valuable asset against Noceros. Her ability to silence the enemy's active skills can disrupt Noceros' powerful attacks, providing crucial moments of respite for your team. Child of Light's healing skills also ensure that your team remains sustained during prolonged encounters with Noceros. Moreover, her high dodge rate and survivability make her a reliable hero to have on the frontline, absorbing damage and keeping the team protected.

Team Composition Strategies

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In considering the tank, damage dealer, and support roles within the lineup for Noceros hunting, it's essential to strike a balance that maximizes effectiveness. A well-rounded team composition would typically include a tank like Child of Light, who can absorb damage, a damage dealer such as Demon Slayer for focused DPS, and a support hero like Lore Weaver to control the battlefield dynamics.

To distribute roles effectively among the heroes, assign the tank hero to absorb Noceros' heavy hits, the damage dealer to focus on dealing damage efficiently, and the support hero to provide buffs, crowd control, and healing as needed. This balanced approach ensures that your team can endure Noceros' onslaught while consistently outputting damage to secure victory.

Monster Hunting Tips for Noceros

When engaging with Noceros, consider these general tips and tricks to maximize your effectiveness in the hunt:

  • Prioritize debuffing Noceros to reduce its defenses and healing capabilities.

  • Coordinate hero skills to control the battlefield and mitigate Noceros' powerful attacks.

  • Utilize healing and support skills strategically to sustain your team throughout the encounter.

To maximize damage output and minimize losses during the Noceros encounter, follow these strategies:

  • Time your hero skills effectively to capitalize on Noceros' vulnerabilities.

  • Focus on exploiting the monster's weaknesses by targeting specific areas where your heroes excel.

  • Coordinate hero attacks to synergize their abilities and optimize damage output against Noceros.

Leveraging Combat Tactics

In the realm of Lords Mobile, mastering combat tactics is essential when facing formidable foes like Noceros. To effectively hunt down Noceros, understanding tactical maneuvers and strategic positioning can make a significant difference in the outcome of the battle.

Overview of Tactical Maneuvers

  • Flanking Maneuvers: Utilize heroes with high mobility to flank Noceros and attack from the sides or behind, exploiting any weaknesses in its defenses.

  • Rotating Tanking: Rotate between tank heroes to absorb Noceros's powerful attacks, spreading out the damage and increasing overall survivability of your team.

  • Focus Fire: Coordinate your heroes to focus their attacks on specific parts of Noceros to maximize damage output and efficiency.

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Combining Hero Skills for Maximum Impact

Strategic synergy between hero skills is crucial for success in Noceros hunts. By combining specific hero abilities, you can create powerful combos that tip the scales in your favor.

  • Stun and Damage Combos: Pair heroes with stunning abilities with high damage dealers to lock down Noceros while dealing massive damage.

  • Debuff and Buff Synergy: Use heroes with debuff skills to weaken Noceros and amplify the damage dealt by heroes with buffing abilities.

  • Healing Support: Incorporate heroes with healing skills to sustain your team throughout the prolonged battle with Noceros, increasing your chances of victory.


In conclusion, the importance of using the best heroes lineup for Noceros cannot be overstated. By strategically selecting and synergizing hero skills, players can significantly enhance their performance and chances of success in hunting down this elusive monster.

Recap of the Importance

  • Choosing the optimal hero lineup is key to overcoming the challenges posed by Noceros.

  • Tactical positioning and skill combinations play a critical role in the outcome of battles against this powerful foe.

Encouragement for Success

Empowered with the knowledge of effective combat strategies and hero synergies, players are encouraged to apply these insights in their monster hunting endeavors. By honing their skills and adapting tactics, victory against Noceros is within reach.

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Best Heroes Lineup for Noceros in Lords Mobile (2024)


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