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Departments | Iberville Sheriff's Office (1)

Criminal Division
Chief Deputy Stephen Engolio

Stephen is a 29-year veteran with the Iberville Sheriff’s Department, and previously served as Chief Criminal Deputy for 12 years under Sheriff Brent Allain. He worked as a patrol deputy for 7 years, and has worked as a narcotics detective, in the LEAD Task Force, and as commander of the SWAT team. He has attended numerous law enforcement training school and seminars, and completed the LSU Command College in 2002. He also has a nursing degree from Loyola University. In his role as Chief Criminal Deputy, he oversees the day-to-day operations of the Sheriff’s Office, including investigations, internal affairs, human resources and administrative issues.

Chief Administrator Russell Jackson

Russell has worked in various industry and sales positions for 32 years. He worked in plant security, and then worked as a lab specialist, senior operator and trainer at The Dow Chemical Co. for 27 years. Since that time he has worked as a sales representative and as owner of a food service business. Jackson has served as a volunteer for the Iberville Headstart Advisory Panel and mentoring kids in the Widow Son Lodge after-school program. In his role as Chief Administrator, he handles office management and serves as a liaison between residents and various government agencies and local industry.

Civil Division
McKenzie Wille

The Civil Division includes the following:

  • Department finances – Responsibilities include maintaining the budget, payroll, insurance, and issuing purchase orders.
  • Suits & Records – Responsibilities include processing legal documents and warrants for service.
  • Property Tax Office – The tax office is responsible for collecting all Iberville Parish property taxes annually. Property taxes are due on December 31 and penalties accrue after that date. The Division also handles sheriff’s sales.

Detectives Unit
Major Ronnie Hebert

The Detectives Unit is responsible for investigating misdemeanor and felony crimes, recovering stolen property and developing solid cases in arrests to assure successful prosecution. Unit detectives also work with other law enforcement agencies in solving crimes in the parish. The Unit is divided unto three sub-units operating out of the main office in Plaquemine, and sub-stations in Maringouin and St. Gabriel.

Crime Scene Unit
Detective Lori Morgan

This new unit initiated by Sheriff Brett Stassi is charged with thorough investigation of crime scenes so that critical evidence is handled properly and all evidence is collected.

Uniform Patrol
Major James “Jimbo” Cox and Capt.Monty Migliacio

The Uniform Patrol Division consists of four teams of uniformed officers working 10 zones throughout the parish. The deputies work 12-hour shifts, which change monthly. They often the first department representatives to interact with the public; and responsibilities include answering distress calls, making arrests, resolving disputes, taking crime and accident reports, conducting traffic enforcement, and providing security for a variety of events.

Interstate Patrol

Agent Tyson Mire, K-9 Exon, Agent Mark Cooper, K-9 Basco

The Interstate Patrol Division is tasked with traffic enforcement on the interstate in north Iberville, which is a corridor for illegal drugs, weapons, money, explosives and other illegal materials. The deputies in this unit are assigned a K-9 dog capable of detection of various narcotics, tracking missing or wanted persons, and protecting deputies from physical threat. In addition, the deputies assigned to this unit are specially trained, equipped and educated for this hazardous line of patrol.

Motorcycle Patrol
Deputy Eric Tankersley and DeputyDavid Whittenberg

This sub-unit of the Uniform Patrol unit, handles the responsibilities of a uniformed patrol deputy, and also provides traffic control and enforcement, along with escort services. Deputies working in this unit complete an extensive motorcycle driving course in order to learn how to handle their motorcycles at high speeds and in adverse driving conditions.

Major Johnny Blanchard

The Iberville Sheriff’s Department has several specially-designed and equipped boats to perform a variety of activities in Iberville’s many waterways, including surveillance, investigation of narcotics cases, rescue operations of boating accidents or lost boaters, and pursuit and apprehension of suspects. Each boat is equipped with specialized GPS technology, and crew members are certified in operation of the units. The unit also assists the U.S. Coast Guard when needed, and is a founding member of JTF-7.

Special Operations Group
This elite unit is trained and equipped to respond quickly in high-risk operations where force may be necessary. The unit is on 24-hour call and ready to respond to any life-threatening situation. Training for this unit is rigorous and includes hand-to-hand combat, marksmanship, entry, repelling and hostage negotiations.

Captain Tommy Favaron

The Communications division is critical to the Sheriff’s Department because it includes the dispatchers who handle incoming calls of emergencies and criminal activity and are responsible for obtaining important information and relaying it to the proper Sheriff’s Department deputies. The department has 20 full-time dispatchers, with 12 assigned to the Plaquemine central dispatch located at the parish jail facility, and four each assigned to the Maringouin and St. Gabriel sub-stations.

Corrections/Parish Jail

Warden Pete Edwards

The Iberville Parish Jail is operated by the Sheriff’s Department. It houses up to 120 male and female inmates, and also processes those who are arrested and handle bonding requirements. The jail, built in 1976, is located on Bayou Road in south Plaquemine.

Departments | Iberville Sheriff's Office (2024)


What is the primary responsibility of sheriff's departments? ›

A sheriff is responsible for law enforcement on a county level, ensuring that all local, state, and federal laws are followed. He or she performs a role similar to that of a police chief in a municipal department, managing a department in charge of protecting people and property and maintaining order.

What makes the sheriff unique among law enforcement personnel? ›

Outside a few elected town marshals, the Sheriff is the only head of a law enforcement agency in this nation that is accountable directly to the people of his /her jurisdiction.

What is highest position in the sheriff department? ›

Sheriff's office: The sheriff's office hierarchy starts with the sheriff at the top, followed by undersheriff, chief deputy, captain, lieutenant, sergeant and deputy sheriff . The captain may be responsible for a specific unit, while the sergeant may be responsible for a squad of deputies.

Which of the following is a major responsibility for a sheriffs department? ›

Sheriff's offices are typically tasked with: operating jails and prisons, security at courthouses and county buildings, protection of judges and juries, preventing breaches of the peace, and coordinating with city police departments. Sheriff's offices may also be responsible for security in public areas and events.

What makes a good sheriff? ›

They need to be brave, honest, trustworthy, and fair. Skills: The sheriff must have the skills to deal with any situation, whether it is by using force or by using negotiation. They should also have good skills, like being able to use firearms and other weapons, as well as being physically fit.

What is the largest sheriff department in the US? ›

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department is the largest sheriff's department and the fourth largest local policing agency in the United States.

What is the highest position in law enforcement? ›

The chief of police is the department's highest-ranking officer. The chief of police manages the police department and is responsible for maintaining efficient operations within the department.

What is the primary responsibility of sheriff's departments in Quizlet? ›

->About 80 percent of all sheriffs' departments have the primary responsibility for investigating violent crimes in their jurisdictions.

What was the role of the sheriff? ›

The sheriff is most often an elected county official who serves as the chief civilian law enforcement officer of their jurisdiction. The sheriff enforces court orders and mandates and may perform duties such as evictions, seizing property and assets pursuant to court orders, and serving warrants and legal papers.

What are the duties of the state police sheriff's departments and local police departments? ›

State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies

The primary purpose is to uphold the laws of the jurisdiction, provide patrol, and investigate local crimes.

Does the sheriff have jurisdiction over local police? ›

County police officers, more commonly known as sheriff deputies, only have jurisdiction in the county where they are employed. Local, or city, police officers only have jurisdiction in the city they are employed.


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