Necrosis Cheatsheet - Marks Angry Review (2024)

The Necrosis (not to be confused with the Noceros) is the newest monster IGG has introduced to Lords Mobile, and it has proven to be one of the most controversial monsters in recent history.

While defeating the monster is mainly irrelevant, since tactics from similar monsters still apply, the big point with Necrosis is the accompanying item set.

Regardless, some of you are still having trouble using your heads and need my help. I thought you were here to learn things…

At least I can congratulate IGG for coming up with another brilliant monster design.

A zombie in my favorite mobile game? Groundbreaking.

In any case, let’s take a deeper dive at Necrosis.

I’ve already done plenty of tests with my heroes, so it should come as no surprise that I’m an expert in the matter already.

Attacking the Necrosis

The Necrosis is a bulky monster with resistance against physical damage. That fact alone should make the optimal fighting strategy pretty obvious if you’ve spent any amount of time playing Lords Mobile in recent years. Necrosis is also somewhat annoying to kill since it keeps spawning mobs to attack your heroes.

However, it shouldn’t be too difficult to beat once you create a good lineup.

Since the Necrosis is strong against physical damage and deals physical damage back, your optimal strategy is to use as many magic heroes as possible.

Having a healer in the lineup can also be helpful to shrug off damage and keep the mobs at bay until you can get all the attacks out.

Overall, the Necrosis is easy to beat if you have leveled up any INT heroes that you have even slightly.

If you don’t have any INT heroes, you’re bad, and you should feel bad.

Just like any other monster, it lasts for 2 hours and 55 minutes upon spawning, after which another monster will take its place – typical Lords Mobile monster stuff.

Necrosis Lineup

We all know you’re here just to copy-paste my hero lineups, so you don’t have to think for even a second about any strategies. My audience is so predictable.

What do you guys do until I publish the guides? Stare at it?

As always, a fully leveled hero takes precedence over any underleveled beaters. A physical attacker will deal more damage and survive hits better than anyone if they’re tens of levels above the rest of the lineup.

F2P (Free-to-Play) Lineup

If you’re not spending money in Lords Mobile, which is an admirable cause, believe me, your options are a bit limited since there aren’t that many great INT heroes to choose for Necrosis.

Luckily, it’s still possible to cobble together a decent hero lineup that should work well for this monster.

There are a few possible ways to build a F2P team for Necrosis. Here’s my preferred lineup for level 5 monsters.

Necrosis Cheatsheet - Marks Angry Review (1)

Necrosis F2P Hero Lineup: Sage of Storms, Incinerator, Elementalist, Prima Donna, Child of Light

This lineup will deal tons of magic damage with their persistent MDEF reductions. Prima Donna is the premier F2P healer, so there’s no reason not to include her in every lineup where you expect to take some hits.

The Incinerator + Elementalist combo is a well-known favorite among players, and it’s hard to swap them out for other ones without sacrificing much of your damage output.

If you don’t have some of the heroes in the lineup, there are some replacements you can make.

The Bombin Goblin can effectively replace the Child of Light, although you’d probably get more mileage out of another stunner.

A secondary F2P lineup might look like this: Incinerator, Elementalist, Prima Donna, Bombin Goblin, Snow Queen.

This build uses plenty of status effects and cumulative boosts to survivability and damage to make up for its low health and squishiness.

P2P (Pay-to-Play) Hero Lineup

If you have a few bucks to spare on Lords Mobile, heroes are a solid way to go if you want to farm some monsters. Most P2P heroes are INT-based, meaning that you can’t really go wrong with a purchase.

The good news for your wallet is that you don’t have to buy the entire lineup to get a sizeable boost to your damage output.

Necrosis P2P Hero Lineup: Storm Fox, Incinerator, Elementalist, Petite Devil, Lore Weaver

As you can tell, the core F2P heroes (Incinerator and Elementalist) are still here in the P2P lineup, showing just how useful they are at killing low MDEF monsters. I’ve swapped out all the rest with better P2P alternatives.

However, if you don’t have the cash to purchase all three, go for one at a time.

Storm Fox is arguably the most useful of the bunch, being a team-wide attack and defense booster that does magical damage.

Another option is the Big Guy, as I’ve had similar success with replacing the Fox with the Big Guy and leaving everything else the same.

Lore Weaver is a replacement for Prima Donna since she has a powerful stun. But if you can’t get her, stick with Donna, and you should do just fine.

If you’ve already purchased and leveled a different P2P hero, like an STR or AGI one, feel free to chuck them in the lineup. It’ll probably have more effect than a newly purchased INT hero.

Necrosis Rewards

Just like other monsters on the field, the Necrosis awards you with plenty of loot for fighting and killing it within the allotted time frame. It has a standard suite of boosts and rewards for defeating the monster and its own set of unique equipment materials.

Here’s a list of possible rewards, because I know you love lists:

  • Hero Chests (awarded for attacking the monster)
  • Speed-Ups (ranging from 1h to 24h depending on monster’s level)
  • Shields (8-72h, depending on level)
  • Gems (200 for each monster level)
  • Gold (between 15k and 600k)
  • Decaying Bones
  • Armor Fragment
  • Mutant Fungi
  • Rotten Blood

The last four are equipment materials, and would you look at those freaky names! Rotten Blood is the rarest resource you can get, so if you had your heart set on Necrosis gear – good luck with that! But more on that in the next section.

Gear for Necrosis

Necrosis Cheatsheet - Marks Angry Review (2)

Just like with any other monster released for hunts, IGG released a set for Necrosis. This one feels hard to obtain if you are a F2P player because of the crazy equipment costs.

There are four items to get in this set:

  • Skeletal Armor: This is the most affordable piece of the set since you don’t have to find any Rotten Blood to upgrade it. It gives 14% to Infantry and Cavalry ATK at Mythic, which isn’t a huge boost, but I guess it’s OK if you don’t have anything better going on.
  • Devourer Helm: With 18.2% to Infantry and Cavalry ATK, this headwear is a decent option. It’s not very hard to craft since you need only two Rotten Bloods to level it up, which is doable if you hunt enough monsters or spend a small sum of money on chests.
  • Spirit Axe: This off-hand looks fantastic at first glance. The 35% to Infantry and Cavalry ATK are enormous. As an off-hand, it’s probably among the Top 3. What I’ve found baffling is that it takes a whopping 30 Rotten Bloods to craft into Mythic status – which is, let’s be honest, the one that matters.
  • Book of the Dead: An accessory, meaning you can get three of them, which provides a godlike (35% ATK) Infantry and Cavalry boost, is always nice to have. However, just consider the cost of getting this item. It needs 36 freaking golden (the rarest) Rotten Bloods to craft to Mythic.

Here’s the deal.

The armor and helm are excellent options if you’re a F2P player and you can reliably get the resources from hunts. However, the other, more premium items are not really considered budget-friendly.

Since the drop rates for the ultra-rare Rotten Blood are just a bit better than the ultra-rare material for Champion gear, you might as well get fully kitted in Champion gear and get the best stats across the board.

Unless you sink time into hunting Necrosis monsters, this is probably out of a budget player’s reach.

If you’re not a budget player, go have at it. Fill IGG’s pockets. Nobody will care.

Necrosis Packs

As with any other monster, you can spend some money to jumpstart your material collection.

If you’re willing to cash out your savings account on gear that’s subpar to Champion equipment, be my guest. I can only advise you what to do, don’t @ me when you spend a fortune.

Final Thoughts on Necrosis

Necrosis is just slightly annoying to deal with since all the powerful magical heroes are P2P.

Luckily, Incinerator and Elementalist will pretty much carry you through any physical monster.

But don’t get your hopes up; the gear you get from it is mediocre.

The F2P-friendly options are solid, but the truly powerful gear needs too many ultra-rare materials to be useful, especially since you can get Champion gear at a similar price. At least you can hunt it for a chance to get some of the materials, but that’s not going to be reliable either.

Overall, I don’t think Necrosis is a worthwhile monster to go for if you’ve already got solid gear kitted out. But you have fun with it.

Necrosis Cheatsheet - Marks Angry Review (2024)


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