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The University of Wisconsin women’s volleyball team, the reigning NCAA champions, has been the victim of a privacy breach after private photos and videos of the players were leaked online without their consent. The images and videos, which were reportedly taken after the team won the Big Ten title in November 2022, show the players posing with their sports bras lifted or exposing other parts of their bodies. The school and the police are investigating the incident and have issued statements condemning the leak.

How the Leak Happened

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, one of the photos that was circulated online showed the players posing with their sports bras lifted in front of a banner that read “Big Ten Champions 2022”. The photo was apparently taken in the locker room after the team clinched the title with a win over Nebraska on November 28, 2022. The photo was intended to be a private celebration among the team members and was never meant to be shared publicly.

However, someone managed to access the photo and other images and videos of the players and posted them on various websites and social media platforms. The leak was first reported by Deadspin on October 20, 2023, and soon spread to other outlets. The leaked content contained graphic and sensitive material that violated the privacy and dignity of the players.

How the School and the Police Reacted

The University of Wisconsin athletic department released a statement on October 20, 2023, confirming that it was aware of the leak and that it had contacted the university police to investigate the matter. The statement also said that the players were not accused of any wrongdoing and that they were receiving support from the school.

“The images and video were never intended to be shared publicly,” the statement read. “The student-athletes involved are not accused of any misconduct. They are victims in this matter. We are working with them to provide support.”

The university police also issued a statement on October 21, 2023, saying that they were investigating multiple crimes, including sharing sensitive photos without consent, unauthorized access to computer data, and identity theft. The police said that they were working with local, state, and federal authorities to identify and apprehend the perpetrators.

“We take this matter very seriously and are committed to protecting the privacy and safety of our students,” the police statement read. “We urge anyone who has information about this incident or who has received or seen any of these images or videos to contact us immediately.”

How the Players and the Fans Responded

The Wisconsin women’s volleyball team has not made any public comments about the leak, but some of their teammates and coaches have expressed their support and solidarity on social media. For example, Dana Rettke, one of the star players of the team, tweeted on October 21, 2023: “I love my team more than anything. We are strong. We are family. We will get through this together.”

The fans of the team have also shown their support and sympathy for the players, as well as their anger and disgust at the leak. Many fans have posted messages of encouragement and appreciation for the team on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, using hashtags such as #WeStandWithUWVB and #BadgersStrong. Some fans have also called for boycotting or reporting any websites or accounts that have shared or hosted the leaked content.

What This Means for Women’s Sports

The leak of private photos and videos of the Wisconsin women’s volleyball team is not only a violation of their privacy, but also a reflection of the sexism and misogyny that women athletes face in sports. Women athletes are often subjected to sexual harassment, objectification, discrimination, and abuse online and offline, especially when they achieve success or challenge stereotypes.

The leak also exposes the vulnerability of digital data and the need for better security and education on how to protect personal information online. The players may have trusted someone with their photos and videos, or they may have stored them on a device or platform that was hacked or compromised. Either way, they had no control over how their data was used or distributed by others.


The leak also raises questions about how sports media and culture treat women athletes differently from men athletes. For example, would a photo of men’s volleyball players lifting their shirts after winning a championship be seen as scandalous or inappropriate? Would it be leaked online without their consent? Would it receive as much attention or criticism as the photo of women’s volleyball players?

These are some of the issues that need to be addressed and discussed in order to create a more respectful and inclusive environment for women’s sports. The Wisconsin women’s volleyball team deserves recognition and admiration for their athletic achievements, not humiliation and invasion for their private moments. They also deserve justice and accountability for whoever violated their privacy and dignity.

SobiOctober 7, 2023Last Updated: October 7, 2023

16 3 minutes read

Wisconsin Volleyball Team Faces Privacy Breach After Leaked Photos and Videos - Guiterly (2024)


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